Monday, 7 August 2017

pen pal

My name is Jezer  I am a year 3 and i am 7 year i go to Pt England school my teacher is called Miss Davis. my ClassRoom is Room 14.

My favourite sport is rugby and my favourite thing to do in my Class is Maths Whizz ,Kahoot and Xtra maths. In  term 3 we are learning about space. My favourite planet is Uranus and Neptune and Earth and Jupiter and the Moon. My favourite to do in my Classroom Is  maths and writing  Is  my favourite to. Brooklyn what is your favourite sport and what do you like doing and what are your family like and what year are you from jezer.

Friday, 28 July 2017

The Alien

Long ago they was a astronauts was blasting into space soon he went into his rocket ship  soon his rocket ship  blasting into space so the astronauts went to the planet call the  moon and the astronauts went  to uranus and the astronauts went to mercury soon they went to mars so the astronauts went back to  his rocket ship to get back  to earth so the astronauts rocket ship  blasting into space to get back to earth soon the astronauts. got back to earth so the astronauts got out of the rocket ship.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

the sun

the sun is the largest star in our solar system . the earth is the right distance from the sun so our planet . is not to hot could the light from the sun task 8 minutes to reach earth and give live to plants astronauts will the sun